Slovenska Bistrica was already a set for a feature film last year, and now it was again the place to shoot: on July 14th the whole night was dedicated to a short film Minus 1, produced by Artizan advertising agency from Slovenska Bistrica and Final Focus production company from Maribor, and shot in the Regional Development and Information Center.

Renato Bratkovič, the writer and director, with a team of eight based the film upon his short story bearing the same title. It was shot in one take, which presented a challenge to Igor Korošec, who played the leading role. Igor graduated as a theater and film actor in Moscow, and lives and works in Hollywood. Minus 1 is his first Slovenian film.

Igor created a characted of a call center worker, who’s supposed to help people having the hardest times in their lives. But he has a different idea about what “help” means. He receives a call from a woman, played by Jana Jeglič from Slovenska Bistrica.

Minus 1 is the first (but not the last) film project for Artizan. The authors are going to send the film to international film festivals.

Bistrica will se the film on Saturday, October 7th, when the third Alibi, tne International Crime&Noir Literary Festival takes place. Saturday is the day for noir film projections and interviews with filmmakers, and Minus 1 is going to be a “foreplay”.

Ekipa Minus 1 / Minus 1 Team